CIMAHI. Creativity of one keyword that is important in managing effective and enjoyable learning. Creative Teachers present learning activities in the classroom that are not monotonous and most importantly succeed in achieving the desired learning goals.

Thematic learning in grade 2 SD Juara Cimahi hosted by Ms. Rika Ulfiati, S.Pd applied learning with role play method. This method was chosen in the hope that children will play an active role in learning. The material presented is easy to remember because children learn while doing and especially are always filled with joy and enthusiasm.

Monday (08/06), the second grade was learning about important personal documents. After the previous week the children were invited to know the population document, namely the ID card and how to make it.

Last week Mrs. Rika invited the children to know the personal documents of Riding License and how to make it. In order to be more easily understood and mastered by children, Mrs. Rika applied the Roleplay method in this study.

Children are invited as if they are in the process of making a driver’s license at the police station. Some children act as driver’s license -making officers while other children act as communities who will make a driver’s license for motorized vehicles.

Even though the activities are held in classrooms, each phase of driver’s license making is simulated from starting to submit forms, health checks, practice tests, photos and print licenses.

In addition to children actively participating in this activity, they can also remember all the stages of making a driver’s license.

“Alhamdulillah, with this Role play method, all children are actively involved in learning and when evaluated, children can understand and know the stages of driver’s license making,” Mrs. Rika said.



Jajang Sudarsa / Lailatul Istikhomah

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