JAKARTA. Tuesday, (07/18) is the second day of Introduction of School Environment (MPLS) SD Juara Jakarta Utara by conducting self health education. All students start their activities in the morning at 07.00 am with penguin gymnastics and doremi gymnastics guided by Siti Wasiah.

Prayer dhuha, repeating rote (murojaah) short letters, and clean up the class done before the core event begins. Entering at 09.30 WIB, students get Self Health Counseling by dr. Fahwan Azumi. The students are very happy to hear dr. Fahwan’s story, he conveyed about mosquito breeding.

To make students understand, dr. Fahwan provided games in the form of a variety of interesting pat to train student concentration. Then use the dummy puppet to know the dental health of the students. As a result, students are very happy and enthusiastic, so as to answer questions from dr. Fahwan well. “I’m glad that the doctor’s story is exciting, bringing a funny toy doll, and I can also get food prizes, because I could answer the question,” Nailah said, grade 4.

“There are several ways to maintain personal health, namely the importance of brushing your teeth, washing your hands, breakfast in the morning, and throwing garbage in place,” Dr. Fahwan said.

This activity aims to make students able to get healthy life from an early age. “Healthy life Behavior is very important to be a habit at home and at school,” said Iin Nurfaindah, as 1 grade teacher.

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