SISWA SD JUARA TANGERANG IKUTI PENDADARAN TAPAK SUCI SE-KOTA TANGERANGTANGERANG. On 11- 12 March 2017, Tapak Suci testing (martial art testing) conducted by Pimda 91 Tapak suci Tangerang involves all students and prospective students of Tapak suci in Tangerang, SD Juara Tangerang Champion was involved in this activity by sending its students to the event in order to test the extent to which the results of the exercise and also to induct Students of SD Juara Tangerangon Tapak Suci martial art.

Event began with all participants gathered in SD Juara Tangerang before heading off to the testing location which is located in SMA Muhammadiyah 2 Cipondoh – Kota Tangerang.

“As we arrived at the location on theevening, we register our self to the committee, and after we registered, students changed their clothes to Silat Tapak Suci uniform and immediately assembled with other participants who came from all corners of Tangerang ” Teacher of SD Juara Tangerang, Erry Yugosmoro said.

The event began with the opening ceremony where there were approximately 250 participants who participated in the testing and also increase in this rate. After the opening ceremony was done then all the series of event began. The first activity is the provision of material about ‘al-Islam Kemuhammadiyahan’, and then proceeds to practice basic moves for prospective students, and then continued with a variety of other activities until 11:30 pm.

Promptly at 1 in the morning, all the participants gathered back in the middle of the field and are divided into small groups to further follow ‘Jurit malam’ which tests knowledge of Tapak Suci, physical and mental tests, and this activity was carried out starting from 1am by dawn. The whole activity completed at 07.00 which is closed with a closing ceremony as a sign of the end of the activities.

“Alhamdulilah this activity was very successful, the students are happy for bringing home a cool and fun new experience” said Mrs. Zaetun Khoeratun Principal of SD Juara Tangerang.

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