BANDUNG. SMP Juara Bandung, Tuesday (03/10) conducted field trip with theme “Know Your History, Love Your Country”. In Field Trip activities 100 students of 7th and 8th grade visited several historic places in the Bandung, including: Museum Asian-African Conference or Gedung Merdeka, Bung Karno in Banceuy Prison, Indonesia Menggugat building  and Hall of Bandung.

Vice principle of student affair of SMP Juara Bandung, Agung said that this activity is also one of the programs in the program Strengthening Character Education (PPK) where SMP Juara Bandung is a pilot school for this program.

“Hopefully students can get to know the history, so to grow the taste nationalism and foster a sense of love for the country, other than that this activity in order to welcome the Parliament Day that falls on October 16” he said.

At Museum Asia – Africa, students got explanation from museum officials on the history of the Asian-African Conference (KAA) which was held on April 18-24, 1955, in addition students see photographs, objects, and documentaries about KAA. Before leaving for the next place, students get reviews about KAA from Nunung Nurrohmah who helped accompany students in this Field Trip activity.

After that the students continue the journey to the former cell of Bung Karno in Banceuy Prison, then headed to the Landraad Building or The currently known Dutch East Indies Courthouse Indonesia Menggugat building  (GIM).

The travel between places is done on foot less, however the students keep enthusiast during the activity. In the mid day students carried out a break in one of the Great Mosque in Bandungnamely Al-Ukhuwah Mosque which is opposite Town Hall Bandung and the latest destination is Bandung City Hall.

The event closed with reflections by Learning Support Unit Silka and handover Student worksheet to teachers, students feel happy to get a different learning atmosphere.

“I feel happy with this activity, I could feel a different experience when compared to learning in the class, although I am tired because of walking” said Agi, 7th grade student.

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