SMP JUARA BANDUNG RAIH 3 GELAR DI LOMBA ELFEST 2017BANDUNG. Saturday (05/20), three junior high school students of SMP Juara Bandung following the Elfest 2017 “Tinta Cinta” (Love Ink) contest of Bandung Raya held by SMA Edu Global Bandung. The three students are Lisda 9th grade student, Khansa 8th grade student, and Jihad 7th grade student.


Type of Elfest race in 2017 which is followed by the students is tahfidz juz 29-30 Junior High level, Dai Cilik and Calligraphy. On this occasion the students who won the race is Lisda, 1st winner of Calligraphy, Khansa 2nd grade of Calligraphy and Jihad 3rd winner of Tahfidz


During the morning ceremony at SMP Juara on Monday (22/05) the trophy received by students was symbolically handed over to the school represented by the Principal, Tito Suhendar and vice principal of students affairs Agung Nuryadi. Tito Suhendar as Principal is very proud of what his students achieved.


“I represent the school to thank the three students who have won. Hopefully this achievement can be improved and maintained. More than that, it can be a motivation for other students to continue to improve his achievements, “said Tito.


On the other hand, Lisda admitted very happy because at the end of her time in SMP Juara, she could provide achievements for her school. “Alhamdulillah, at the end of my study in SMP Juara Bandung, I could give an achievement for the school”

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