SMP JUARA BANDUNG SEMARAK GELAR WISUDA DAN PENTAS KREASI SENIBANDUNG. BANDUNG. After studying for three years, today Thursday May 06, 9th grade students of SMP Juara Bandung conducted graduation and Pentas Kreasi Juara (performance art). Located in Building Aptisi Jl. Cipadung Bandung Kidul panyileukan.

The event started at 07.30 with a ceremonial procession welcoming the graduates.

This event was attended by representatives of RZ, Mr Heri Hermawan, Mr. Yayan Somantri, Mr Dadan arus Cahyadi, representatives from IJF (Indonesia Juara Foundation) Mr. Arif Taat Ujianto, the donators, the schools Supervisory builder from education departemen of Bandung Mr. Dodih Rohiman, and head of Cipadung Kidul village Mr. Dasep Gandalaksana as well as representing the sub-district Head of Panyileukan Bandung.

The Graduates of SMP Juara Bandung who graduate today as many as 49 students. Accompanied by parents they attended this event solemnly. Graduates also do sungkeman to his parents as a form of gratitude and thanks.

The graduation ceremony Followed by tausyiah delivered by Mr. Yayan Somantri, also art performance from students in grade 7 and 8 which features creations such as angklung, arumba, and marawis.

“The event ended with a group photo, a handshake between teachers and graduates, as well as mutual apology between fellow graduates.
This event is carried out with the cooperation between the RZ, IJF, LAZIS PLN West Java Distribution, LAZIS Pusharlis PLN and PT. Hariff, ” said Agung.


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