SMP JUARA KEMBALI BERTANDING DI PRAMUKA TINGKAT KOTA PEKANBARUPEKANBARU. On Friday (17/03) this morning, SMP Juara Pekanbaru dispatched two teams on Pekanbaru City Boy scout Competiition.

This time SMP Juara Pekanbaru Scout’s team will compete for the trophy on the scout competition that conducted by MTS Masmur on (17/03) to (03/19). A total of 16 students of SMP Juara Pekanbaru represent the school to compete, they consist of a boy team and a girl team, each consisting of 8 people.

Before going to the location they pray together first for all the goodness, that provided by all the students and teachers.

“We hope with this prayer the students can increasingly eager to play, and can continue to improve his worship wherever and whenever. Since the victories or championships that Allah SWT has given.” Syahrul Padilah, principal of SMP Juara Pekanbaru revealed.

Hamidi Agus as Scout team assistant also revealed, “Approximately two weeks we have been preparing for the competition, from the simple to the complex preparation. The point is to give the best performance at this camp.”


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