1805 SMP JUARA PEKANBARU SUKSES LAKSANAKAN STAY IN VILLAGEKAMPARKIRI – The joy of happiness was seen in the faces of the 9th grade students of Junior High School in Pekanbaru in following the student service program which was named stay this village program. Stay in village activity was a program implemented by the 9th grade of Junior High School Pekanbaru at the end of the school process.

The purpose of this program to build a shared soul to all students to other communities, both from science, time and happiness.

The stay in village activity was conducted at SD 022 Desa Sungai Paku, Kampar Kiri Subdistrict, Riau Province. The activity was followed by all 9th graders, and this was the last program during school. The activity was accompanied by the principal and 10 other teachers. This activity was held from 12-13 May 2017.

The series of activities undertaken include learning programs for students, social bhakti programs, book grants programs, and other programs. Lessons learned include the creation of simple works of caste, learning scouts, martial arts, tahfidz qur’an, and outbound. Activities were guided directly by all students and accompanied by teachers.

This learning activity was followed enthusiastically by every student who followed, every activity session also provided reward which appeals to student. This learning activity teaches students about their wonderful sharing of knowledge, building shared character, and sharing happiness.

In the next day implemented social bhakti program, where students cleaned all school yard elementary school 022. Further handover of Grant book amounting to 350 pieces of reading books. Reading books are donations from students, donors, from the provincial education office, and many other sources.

Principal Elementary School 022, Dani Apriyanti, S.Pd said “I am very happy and all of us really welcome this activity with great enthusiasm, hopefully the science given by Junior High School Pekanbaru and its help become very useful value for our school” he said.

Furthermore, he also said that “SMP Juara Pekanbaru is a great school, able to share with us in this 022 Elementary School” he continued.

Head of junior high school Juara Pekanbaru, Syahrul Padilah, S.Pd conveyed “stay in village program is a program to increase the value of characters in each student, hopefully the program implemented, become very beneficial for elementary school 022, and this is the implementation of the program of Rumah Zakat Namely Spreading the energy of happiness “he said.

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