rz Penyaluran BPP PT Sriboga kepada anak jalanan dan dhuafa beserta ortu di Alun-Alun Kota Malang_Berpose Bersama BPP Sriboga 5BANDUNG. PT Sriboga Flour Mills collaborates with RZ in the distribution of 15.000 of ifthar named “Berbagi Buka Puasa”. These packages will be distributed for orphans and the needy in 8 cities namely, Semarang, Purwokerto, Tegal, Solo, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang and Bandung.

The distribution of ifthar packages will be implemented every day during the Ramadhan. 4500 packages had been distributed in Semarang, 1.000 in Purwokerto, 1.000 in Tegal, 1.000 in Malang, 2.000 in Solo, 2.000 in Yogyakarta, and 1.500 in Bandung.

“Sriboga is a loyal partner. We have collaborated in ifthar for orphan and general people program from year to year. Thus, RZ will do the best for to maintain the cooperation,” Nur Efendi, RZ CEO, said, Friday (11/7).

Every single moment in Ramadhan has primacy values. Thus, sharing to others is a favorable thing that has many benefits. It is said that when we provide meals for ifthar than we will receive additional reward as well as the beneficiary.

“We initiate this program based on that point. Hopefully that there are more institution which is interested to cooperate in implementing this program,” Efendi said.***

Newsroom/Sari A Rahmawati

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