RZ LDKO CilegonCILACAP.The process of human life from birth to death is a natural process that goes on and that is a cycle of life. The life process includes the process of growth and development. During the growth process there are many changes in the human body. At one stage of this process there is the so-called old age or elderly.

In this stage the health of these elderly are often disrupted one of the cause often comes from bad dietary habit, finally endurance diminishing and there arose some diseases, such as diabetes. Long-term disease characterized by very high blood sugar levels that is very harmful to the body.

As with Mrs. Sumirah (59 years) can only lie down weakly on bed and wheel chair because there are several diseases that infect caused by diabetes and acute gastric disease. Consequently there is a wound on the foot and it is swelling.

At first Mrs. Sumirah just thought it was a common disease but then it turned out that Mrs. Sumirah in diagnosis by doctors for diabetes and acute gastric disease which caused Mrs. Sumirah can do daily activity normally.

Mrs.Sumirah who is a widow bereaved of her husband five years ago couldn’t do much when she was diagnosed with diabetes. Seeing these conditions, RZ together with donator, providing direct aid to Mrs. Sumirah at her residence Jl.Kutilang Barat Donan Village Rt 01 Rw 11 Central District of Cilacap Cilacap. The aid was given directly by RZ Volunteer to Mrs. Sumirah.

Thanks to the help of RZ and donators, the burden which has been family dependents to defray the medical fees little by little has been covered and hopefully the diabetes experienced by Mrs. Sumirah can recover gradually.

“Thank RZ and donators hopefully more and more people can be helped by the presence of RZ and more useful for the people” says Mrs. Sumirah to RZ Volunteer. ***

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