GARUT, Sunday (06/10) – Al-Kautsar Housing located in Sirnajaya Village, Kec. Tarogong Kaler, Kab. Garut was a victim of flash floods in 2016. The Garut Regency Government relocated flood victims from riverbanks to the local government to make tread housing for flood victims. On Sunday, October 6, 2019, distribution of 220 Superqurban packages was carried out to 200 beneficiaries, namely flood victims and Al-Kautsar SDIT students.

This event was carried out during their routine recitation and was greatly welcomed by the residents of the Superqurban beneficiaries because it could be enjoyed by residents who have been lacking in terms of nutritious food.

Rumah Zakat is assisted by the Village Facilitator, Mr. Ihsan Munawwar to distribute and express his thanks because Rumah Zakat can provide trust to the community of Al-Kautsar Housing as a partner in charity.

“Hopefully this assistance is useful for the people who received it and I hope Allah rewards all the elements that made this event a success,” he said.

“Our hope in the future is that the Rumah Zakat and the Al-Kautsar Housing Community can collaborate and take part in various activities to help people in need. And may Allah SWT always bestow blessings on those of us who care for others.” Concluded Mr. Ihsan.


Abdussalam / Hanaa Afifah

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