SUKABUMI. A sunny morning in the dry season that has been more than 3 months struck the southern region of Sukabumi regency. Drought accompanied by strong winds made the majority of people who depend on their life in the agricultural sector to have difficulties. In the increasing prices of daily needs, at the same time their fields and gardens do not produce.

On Tuesday (15/08) morning which coincides with routine recitation schedule at Majelis Taklim Al-Ikhlas Kampung Karanglayung, Endi Saputra, Facilitator of Rumah Zakat from Pasiripis village was also attend the event to distribute Superqurban corned in order to help the jama’ah’s burden about food.

After completing the tausyiah from Ustadz, Endi then greeted the jama’ah and continued by distributing Superqurban corned to them, which amounted to 50 people.

The jama’ah showed great enthusiasm when receiving the Superqurban corned. “Hatur nuhun Jang Haji” said the jama’ah. “Share us this Superqurban more often.” Asked one Jama’ah.



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