GUNUNGKIDUL. Monday (11/09), the children of TPA Rumah Zakat at Nurrohiim Mosque, Jetis Kulon Hamlet, Pacarejo Village are very happy to get Lilin ice Ifthor. Ice candle is a way of the Village Facilitator Berdaya improve the spirit of the TPA students to familiarize with the sunnah fasting. Mas Ratno, Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat in the empowered village of Pacarejo.

Mas Ratno, Empowered Village Facilitator of Rumah Zakat in Pacarejo together with the five ustadzah in TPA coaches gather the santri to take the Lilin Ice after they all got the section to read Al-Quran.

“Come here, before we close, let’s we gather together first, Mas Ratno would say a moment. and I will give something,” said Mas Ratno.

“Well if last Monday we have got the milk soy, this afternoon we will have Lilin Ice,” he added.

“Hooray,” the children said.

Simultaneously the santri who numbered 60 people was also shown their joy. Children are also taught to be happy to perform the prayers in congregation after learning the Quran together.

“The lilin ice that cost only Rp500 Much cheaper than the price of ice cream in mini market. Although just Lilin Ice, one thing we see as teachers this is very important. Hopefully, the concept of ifthor for TPA  will be a way for increasing santri interest, so students of TPA keep their spirit to attend the TPA. And it means, there will be born the generation of Qurani, “Said Mas Ratno.

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