BEKASI. The women of Empowered village of Pasir are located in Kp. Sempu, RT. 04/04 Desa Pasir Gombong Kec. North Cikarang -Bekasi onThursday (09/28), realizing Sempu Trash Bank yard beautiful and fresh.

Now Sempu Trash Bank is adorned with various hanging pots made of scrap and contains Hydroponics plants.

“The purpose of this is to introduce the example to the community in order to utilize the used goods, so that later there is no waste is wasted, everything can be utilized” said Tini as a customer of Bank Sampah Sempu.

Mustard greens and chili are grown in hydroponic pots made from used bottles. This hanging gardens use the Drip Auto Irrigation System, equipped with a timer that is connected with the Pump engine.

“The top of the plant is 250 pieces of mustard greens, and at the bottom of the pepper plants with 30 pots.” The system works, the water mixed with nutrients is channeled through a 5 mm interval, with the help of an 80 Watt pump machine, and then the small tubes are channeled into hanging pots from top to bottom, in each segment of the hose is given a hole the size of a needle, its function for water droplets “said Tini.

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