tangguhnya-member-klinik-pratama-rbg-rz-pekanbaruPEKANBARU Denok Widyastuti (36), a mother who lives in Jl. Kubang Raya border with Kampar regency and Pekanbaru, he is one of hundreds of members of RZ’s RBG Pekanbaru Primary Clinic branch who diligently follow a weekly mentoring organized by RBG despite the distance from her home to the clinic is far enough it is about dozens of kilometers.,

Even in the age of her pregnancy which is approaching to the due date she still follows the mentoring that we conduct because of her passion for studying. On Saturday (08/10) Denok Widyastuti born her second child with normal childbirth and Alhamdulillah the baby is healthy and safe.

“Probably almost all the wives I guess when the time of delivery of at least until discharge from hospital or clinic wanted be accompanied by their partner, accompanied with all the needs, but it is different with Denok Widyastuti, her husband only had a minute to accompany her and their baby, not because he is not fond of his wife and their baby but, because her husband had worked hard to support the family, “said one Midwife of RZ’s RBG Pekanbaru Primary Clinic.

“We’re from family of RZ’s RBG Pekanbaru Primary Clinic praying may the baby become a pious child and both parents become parents who increasingly pious and.” She continued.

Newsroom/Dwi Yuliani

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