BANGLADESH. Monday (08/01/2017) Essentially children love to play, be it playing with friends or play with both parents. Of the many benefits of playing for children – one of them is to grow the cheerfulness so as to grow mentally and confidence for the child itself.

Rohingya refugee children are victims of the injustice of life in their home country. Since childhood, even in the womb they already feel the injustice that they have to get out of the country to Bangladesh. In the run out of the country, they also feel the pain of having to walk through forests, valleys, swamps and even forests with makeshift supplies.

To reestablish the mental and confidence of the spirit children, the humanitarian team of Rumah Zakat joined in Indonesia Humanitarian Alliance conduct psychosocial activities to the children of Rohingya at Jamtoli Camp Ukhiya Bangladesh.

“In today’s activity we are doing the Psychosocial program for Rohingya children, although with simple and simple game material, but they are very happy,” said Tri Yanto, one of the humanitarian team of Rumah Zakat.

Because too eager to play, there must be injured because of playing as experienced Yasir (10 th) whose legs are punctured wound wood when playing. “Alhamdulillah we immediately treat the wound at the foot Yasir and Yasir was again cheerful and returned to play with his friends,” said Tri Yanto back.

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