TIM MARAWIS SD JUARA CILEGON TAMPIL DALAM ACARA PLN PEDULI SD Juara Cilegon marawis team got an invitation to perform at PLN Cares organized by PT. PLN TJBB APP Cilegon, on Tuesday (06/28).

In the event of PT. PLN distributed donations and gifts to orphans, in accordance with the theme that they raise is “Sharing Happiness with Orphans and the needy”. This event began at 05.30 P.M which was filled with an entertainment program that was the performance of SD Champion Cilegon marawis team. On that occasion, the team brought two songs, “Sholatum” and “Shufna Yumna”.

SD Champion Cilegon marawis team’s performance on that afternoon received appreciation from all guests who attended. Guests were amazed to see children who sat in the 3rd grade of elementary school have been very good at playing the instruments.

“Amazing, the children are still very small that he recently sitting in 2nd grade of elementary school SD is already very great in playing the instrument. Even from the information we get, the marawis team managed to get a few winners in the race they participated. Such as “The Best Performance” in marawis competition in SMAIT RJ, against the other contestants who are middle and high school students “said Aris as MC of the event.

After the performance of marawis, the event continued with the opening and reading of verses from Quran. Then proceed with the distribution of benefits and gifts to orphans. It turned out that the whole SD Juara Cilegon marawis team even got compensation and parcel from PT. PLN TJBB APP Cilegon.

“I am very grateful to PT. PLN TJBB APP Cilegon for inviting and accepting our presence from SD Juara Cilegon. I am also very happy to see the children could receive compensation and parcel of PT. PLN. Hopefully we can continue to build relationship and synergy, to help children in need, “said Susanto, principal of SD Juara Cilegon.



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