TIM RZ KEMBALI GELAR AKSI PEDULI SOSIAL DI LOKASI TERDAMPAK BANJIR DAN LONGSOR CIDOHOKSERANG. On Saturday (09/03), brimming sun accompanied RZ Cilegon’s volunteers to locations that were targeted as the Social Care action is Madrasah Diniyah Taklimiyah Awaliyah (MDTA) Al Khairiyah Cidohok Anyer- District of Serang.
Khumaedy Al-Hanif, As Facilitator of Mandiri Daya Insani (MDI) of RZ Cilegon said, “In this week alhamdulillah we can visit Cidohok – Anyer to at least help ease the burden felt by residents here as a result of floods and landslides that occurred a few weeks ago” , He pointed out when giving his speech the public.
Zaenudin, As Facilitator of Indonesia Juara Foundation (IJF) of RZ Cilegon said, “We provided The assistance in the form of Stationery, Food Staple, Cabinet Books and Clothes Schools Eligible Wear collected from RZ Cilegon ‘anak juara’, Regional Coordinator and Mentor and other Benefactor “, he said.
“My thanks goes to Rumah Zakat which has provided assistance to us for the second time, may Allah reward you the best and it become the perpetual charity in the Hereafter.” Said Jhuanda as Principal of MDTA Al Khairiyah.
Besides giving assistance in the form of material, there are a few games and songs presented to entertain children at Madrasah Al-Khairiyah Diniyah Cidohok.

“There are some games and spirit songs we have prepared to entertain the psychological condition of the children here such match slippers quickly and accurately”, says Al-Azam Sugleli As Regional Coordinator of Kramatwatu Serang.

Adrian (11), one of the students in MD Al Khairiyah Cidohok admitted pleased and happy with the arrival of volunteers from RZ Cilegon,

“I am very happy with the arrival of sister – sister of RZ Cilegon who had come here to provide assistance to us and entertain with a very exciting game “, she pointed out to reporters of RZ Cilegon.

Newsroom/Badrul Muhammad

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