TINGKATKAN EKONOMI MELALUI GERAKAN SUBANG BERDAGANGSUBANG. Senyum Mandiri is an economic empowerment program of Rumah Zakat in building economic independence of the community in the village. Facilitator of Rumah Zakat’s empowered village in Sindangsari Subang, Wayan Sohib rolled Movement of Subang Berdagang (Subang Trading) in his village centered in Cikaum Subdistrict Subang Regency. ‘Yuk berdagang’ (Let’s trade)is the jargon. Subang Berdagang is a movement that restores trade activity as a major family economic power and makes it into a hobby and culture.
Subang Berdagang Movement began in March 2017 which aims to reduce unemployment. Thus, all families can be independent and there is an alternative choice amid the domination of women labor profession & become Indonesian female worker abroad (TKW).
The movement is divided into several groups with group members who have different types of business products, including food business groups, street vendors and handicraft business groups.
Support provided in the form of capital without interest, then business assistance in the form of training, such as regular entrepreneurship mentoring, production assistance, packaging, labeling to online marketing facility. It aims for wider sales, including initiating Sindangsari village become Online Village by providing free internet facilities accommodated as a means of sales.
On this occasion, Wayan Sohib made a visit and business mentoring to Sindangsari Village Food Group such as kicimpring, chips, and rempeyek. On that occasion they would like to thank Rumah Zakat who has recruited them to get assistance from Rumah Zakat.
“In the midst of declining entrepreneurial spirit in the village, i am lucky to keep that spirit, now and in the future all mothers should be ready for big and ready to raise their business with Rumah Zakat.” Wayan Sohib told them during his visit and mentoring.

Newsroom/Wanda Yulianto


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