34Tips-Atasi-Kantuk-Saat-Puasa Sleepiness during fasting experienced by many people because of the lack of sleep or lack of food intake to maintain good brain stamina

Here are some tips to overcome sleepiness during fasting:

1. Sleep faster than usual

Do not stay up late! Sleep more quickly will make your brain fresher in the morning.

2. Do not be too quick to wake up for sahur

Precisely Prophet pointed us to end a sahur, awake approximately 30 minutes near the time of Fajr. So do not sleep again after sahur.

3. Eat the meal with foods that contain complex carbohydrates and iron

For instance red rice, cassava, maize, cassava, oatmeal, whole wheat bread. Meanwhile food contain iron include green vegetables, fish, and nuts. Remember, do not eat too much for sahur

4. Take ablution
When sleepiness attack, quickly got up and take ablution to revive the mind.

5. Patch the spoon or ice cubes

Try to patch a spoon or ice on both eyelids in order to feel fresh again.

6. Take a nap
During break time, try to take a 15 minute nap. Because the most efficacious treatment for sleepiness is sleeping


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