CIREBON. (07/11) Kasepuhan, Lemahwungkuk District, Cirebon City is one of Rumah Zakat’s Empowered Village, Besides environmental empowerment, this village also requires empowerment in the economic field because it is categorized as weak in the economic field.


This is what makes Yusuf Hidayat, the Kasepuhan Village Facilitator to initiate an economic assistance program for the citizens. Through this economic assistance is expected citizens can build entrepreneurship and expand their business. The business developed by the community is diverse, ranging from the production of pure milk, instant drinks, culinary, sewing, and various other businesses.


For Yusuf, improving people’s economy is not easy, many things to be faced, especially when dealing directly with the community. “Empowering people in the economic field is very difficult,” said Yusuf. That, according to Yusuf, because every society has the willingness and different spirit in developing the business.


Nevertheless, economic empowerment in Kasepuhan Subdistrict, Lemahwungkuk District, Cirebon city is quite successful. Because, until now there are 35 beneficiaries in economic empowerment of Rumah Zakat, although not all experienced significant development in their business, but almost every member of the target has revenue improvement. Even from 35 people, 17 of them have been included in the category of independence.


“The initial target of this economic empowerment is the increased income of residents in Kasepuhan region. The main thing of achieving the target is of course the willingness and enthusiasm of each person to develop the business,” Yusuf noted.


“Alhamdulillah, after receiving the help from Rumah Zakat, my business is growing, my income is getting bigger every month. In addition, I also visited by Rumah Zakat frequently. Often given the motivation and asked about the development of my business” Sri said, one of the beneficiaries who are developing a tailor business.

Every citizen who is the beneficiary of business capital aid does not just get funds from Rumah Zakat. Yusuf as a Empowered Village Facilitator also provides briefing on entrepreneurship and religion.


Lailatul Istikhomah


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