SURABAYA Monday (08/08) Vanila Hijab helps SD Juara Surabaya to build a school building, this non-cash assistance worth 150 million rupiah is realized to complete the second floor building in the form of plavon, ceramic terrace, parapet, counseling room, 4 toilets, sink, place ablution, prayer room, painting, and silica as well as the 3 rd floor deck. At present 40% of workmanship has been achieved. It is estimated that within 1 or 2 weeks the work will be 100% completed.

“I have been interacting with SD Juara Surabaya for a long time, having filled parenting activities for student guardians and made several visits to school before moving the building. We hope that the construction of the Surabaya Champion Elementary School will be completed soon and can be occupied for schools of underprivileged children in Surabaya “said Aisyah Brach Manager of Rumah Zakat Surabaya.

The permit for the establishment of the SD Juara Surabaya has issued in late May 2018, then it is permitted to accept students in June 2018, under minimal infrastructure facilities. An operational permit which according to the schedule will be lowered 6 months after the establishment permit, will be preceded by a visitation and assessment of the readiness of the infrastructure for admission of new students in the 2018/2019 school year. At present, the room that is truly ready is only one classroom, teacher’s room, UKS, science lab, toilet, principal’s office and living room. For libraries, prayer rooms and halls still occupy second floor buildings that have not yet been 100%.

Construction of the SD Juara Surabaya building, as of April 2018 has only been completed around 65%, divided into 2 stages. The stagnant development starting in 2016 made some parts of stage 1 buildings partially damaged. Most of the damage was on cracked walls, toilets, and ceilings collapsed and seeped because of the leakage from the second-floor cast condition which was much less dense.

The construction of the second stage is the circulation hall, the principal’s office and classrooms on the 1st floor. Currently everything is ready to be used. The second phase of construction for the second floor is the library room, prayer room, two classrooms designed to be a multipurpose room, toilet, sink and ablution place. The condition of the second floor is still reached 65%.

“Alhmadulillah, our prayers come true. Thankful we can donate from this Vanilla Hijab. So that the second floor building can be completed including the 3rd floor deck that has been coated with leak-proof material. Hopefully the atmosphere of teaching and learning activities is more comfortable. And the operating permit process runs smoothly because the infrastructure needed is ready. Thank you Vanila Hijab, hopefully it will be more successful and new. ” Suradin said, head of SD Juara Surabaya.



Syahidan / Lailatul Istikhomah

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