PEKANBARU. WORLD HEALTH DAY, SD JUARA PEKANBARU GELAR LOMBA POSTER KESEHATAN In commemorating World Health Day, RZ ‘s RBG Pekanbaru clinic held health poster contest in SD Champion Pekanbaru on Thursday (07/04) at Jl. Warta Sari, Pekanbaru. This activity began with morning excercise carried out by the entire student of SD Juara Pekanbaru.

Then continued to health counseling conducted by Qurrota Ayun with the theme ‘Fight Diabetes’.

“Diabetes is Non-communicable diseases caused by unhealthy behavior that increas blood sugar levels that exist within the body. Diabetes is most closely related to lifestyle, so that after this extension is expected of SD Juara Pekanbaru can change the life style such lack of physical activity, irregular diet, as well as the consumption of unhealthy foods, “she explained.

The next activity is presentation of SD Juara Pekanbaru’s UKS Ambassador, zahara and Shofiyyah from fourth grade who explained about Handwashing to Students. Zahara and Shofiyyah explained how to wash hand properly which is by following these seven steps of effective hand washing:

Diabetes can be prevented by changing unhealthy habits to more healthy habits such as doing physical activity, apply a more regular diet, and eating healthy foods.
1. Wet hands and apply soap.
2. Rub palms together until soap is bubbly.
3. Rub each palm over the back of the other hand.
4. Rub between your fingers on each hand.
5. Rub your hands with the fingers together.
6. Rub around each of your thumbs Rub in circles on your palms.
7. Then rinse with running water and dry your hands.

Then precede with the announcement of Health Poster Contest, and the winner of Health Poster Contest 1st grade and 5th grade students. The prize is given by Tri Anwarrudin to the winner.

“The introduction of PHBs from an early age is the best effort in order to create next healthy and resilient generation. “ Alhamdulillah today, 7 April 2016 is” World Health Day ” activities has been carried out and it was interesting and challenging for students” , said Mr. Suriksodi Saputro, principal of SD Juara Pekanbaru.

Healthy body and mind is a gift from Almighty Allah wa Shubhanallah, then we must maintain it. ***

Newsroom/Muhammad Bayu Putra

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