YGTC INDONESIA KUNJUNGI SMP JUARA PEKANBARUPEKANBARU. SMP Juara Pekanbaru got guests from YGTC Indonesia, Rahmah and Yona. Rahmah herself is an alumnae of SMP Juara Pekanbaru who is currently active in YGTC (Youth Generation of Tobacco Control), an organization that concern on dissemination and action on tobacco control, the dangers of cigarette smoke, the impact of tobacco consumption and the influence of cigarette advertising on children and the younger generation of Indonesia.

During the visit, Yona and Rahmah socialized on the FCTC which is supranational agreements intended to protect the current generation and that will come from the damaging effects of tobacco consumption on health, social, environmental, and economic and limit their use in any form worldwide. This agreement binds the organization of production, sales, distribution, advertising, and tobacco taxation.

Farhan, one of Cordova 8th grade students was excited when invited to simulate the dangers of smoking to health, as well as other students.

“Cigarettes today are something familiar to us, because at home and the game environment we encounter a lot of people who smoke. It was very dangerous for us who inhale even more dangerous than for the smoker themselves.” said Rahmah.

With the socialization of YGTC, they are determined to continue to campaign on the dangers of smoking to the public especially for their own family. At the end, Rahmah and Yona declared the anti-smoking ban by making posters and the dangers of smoking to health.

“Thanks Kak Rahmah and Kak Yona. Iiih.. smoking is very dangerous apparently.” Said one of students.



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