SOLO. Juara Van back to visit the local residents of Bakdalem village, Sukosari, Karanganyar, on Monday (17/3). The local residents were very enthusiastic to join this event. It takes 1,5 hours from the RZ branch office, Solo, to the location by Juara Van. It was located in Baiturrokhim mosque. The event was visited by many local residents, kids and parents.

“Juara Van can unify different group of people and mosques. It also unified TPA students and the local residents.  I hope in the next three months, Juara Van can visit another mosque.” Rusidi (37) one of the Bakdalem residents said.

“The students now become more diligent and we can get more knowledge of TPA teaching material. We can also read more useful books. There are many different kinds of books such as cooking skill books, handcraft books, religious books, and kid’s education books. Thanks to RZ, I hope RZ will be more progressive.” Siti Mudamainah (34) one of the Bakdalem residents said.

Newsroom/Lilik Purwanto

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