The benefits of drinking zam – zam water in the health sector are as follows:

Regenerates dead skin cells

In the field of water beauty zam – zam can help regenerate dead skin cells and then replaced with new skin cells. The turn of dead skin cells aims to brighten the facial skin and make skin chewy face like a baby. Regeneration by using zam – zam water by cleaning the face with zam – zam water. If possible you can perform ablution using zam – zam water. So that all layers of dead skin cells on the body part affected by zam – zam water can be removed. Naturally dead skin cells will regenerate itself with a span of 28 days once.

Smooth body metabolism

Metabolism of the body plays a role to turn fat into energy in carrying out daily activities and burning process that’s called metabolism. Metabolism smoothly accelerates the movement and prevents the emergence of fat deposits on the body parts – especially the arms, thighs and stomach. The accumulation of fat in that part can be caused by the slow metabolism of the body. Drinking water zam – zam is one way to launch metabolism in the body. Besides that exercising and physical activity could also launch the metabolism.

Treating various diseases

There is a saheeh hadith who say that zam-zam water is very effective to treat various diseases. Disease is a symptom of abnormalities in the body and can cause discomfort and sickness that is sustainable. After the ill maybe we just realized that health is more expensive than anything in this world. So be grateful if you are still healthy and keep your health since young to stay healthy until late old age. Zam – zam water treatment can be an option if you want to try it, most of all do not easily give up and keep praying to the Almighty may soon be given health so you can do your activities as usual.

Drinking zam – zam water with good intention

Water zam – zam has a function as a bounty on the intention which is communicated through prayers to Allah SWT. If you drink zam – zam water and intend to drink it then the stomach will feel full, Insya Allah your stomach will be full after drinking it. So is the intention of drinking this holy water to relieve a very strong thirst. So your intention can be realized by drinking this zam zam water as long as it is well intentioned.

Additional energy of pregnant women

During pregnancy the condition of the mother sometimes experience fatigue and sometimes very excited. So the right way to overcome fatigue in pregnant women for additional energy is to drink zam – zam water. This is because zam – zam water is believed to be an additional energy for pregnant women so that the mother excited in carrying out their daily activities. In addition, pregnant women need doubled energy because it is also needed by babies who are in the bladder. That is why pregnant women should also pay attention to the food and milk consumed.

Smooth blood circulation

The benefits of drinking water zam – zam is to help smooth blood circulation in the body. Blood circulation can be disrupted due to fatty deposits in the blood vessels due to unhealthy habits. One is a hobby of eating foods that contain high fat. Blockage of blood vessels can be fatal to the body because it can cause death. One way besides drinking zam zam water is to exercise and stop eating high-fat foods. Better multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetable.

Nutritating the fetus

The fetus in the body of the pregnant mother needs enough nutrients to grow in her mother’s abdomen. The fetus requires folic acid, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates that are derived from the food consumed by the mother. That’s why during pregnancy every mother should eat many nutritious foods. Zam zam water taken during pregnancy is very good for fetus. This is because zam – zam water is drunk able to nourish the fetus in the mother ‘s stomach so that fetal nutrition intake is fulfilled with additional nutrients from zamzam water.

Gives a sense of happiness

Happiness can also arise from drinking water zam – zam . Because this holy water also serves to cleanse the heart so that human can be spared from envy and jealous that must exist in every human heart.

Good for bones and teeth

Bones and teeth are one of the limbs that need calcium to maintain its resistance. Zam – zam water contains the calcium needed by bones and teeth to prevent premature bone and vaginal discharge. Apart from zam – zam water to meet the calcium requirement for you can try drinking high calcium milk.

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