PALU. 7.4 SR Earthquake Disaster that occurred in Prov. Central Sulawesi on (28/10) resulted in tsunamis in the Donggala coastal area and Talise beach, Palu. A total of 2,073 people died, 82,775 people were displaced and 67,310 houses and 119 public facilities were damaged.

Yayasan Al Maghfirah BPJS ketenagakerjaan helps to alleviate our brothers in Central Sulawesi Province. Through Rumah Zakat a number of logistical assistance was distributed to affected victims.

Friday (12/10) aid was distributed at one of the evacuation locations located in Jono Oge Village, Kel. Pombewe, Kec. Biromaru, Kab. Sigi. Assistance in the form of basic necessities, tent equipment, baby food and mineral water was distributed by Rumah Zakat volunteers .

“In Jono Oge village, the evacuation post was divided into many and small. But Jono Oge Village has 2 main evacuation posts. Jono Oge Village is one of the villages where almost all of its houses were swept away by the overflowing river. Today all of our assistance is channeled through the head of the evacuation post. The refugee camp is filled with around 14 families, ”said Zuffar, Rumah Zakat volunteer who participated in the distribution activities.

The next day, (13/10) the distribution of aid from Yayasan Al Maghfirah BPJS ketenagakerjaan continued. Assistance was distributed in Salubomba Village, Kec. Benawa Tengah, Kab. Donggala. Many refugees in this area set up tents in the middle of the forest, but not far from the Palu axis to Mamuju, West Sulawesi. Four volunteers from Rumah Zakat distributed aid in the form of basic necessities, baby supplies, mats, mineral water and emergency tent equipment.


“Salubomba village has 11 evacuation points and 3 evacuation points. There are three fatalities from our village. Two people died at the time of the incident and another person died in the city of Palu. For the number of minor injuries there were two dozen seven people and one person suffered severe injuries. Alhamdulillah, for severe injuries it has begun to improve due to intensive medical assistance. Thank you very much for your help, hopefully this assistance will be a blessing for the donators and given all their health “. said Maswir, Head of Salubomba Village.

(14/10) Voluntees Team of Rumah Zakat again distributed aid to Lolu Village, Kec. Sigi Biromaru, Kab. Sigi, which is only five kilometers away from the previous distribution location, became the distribution location this time. Five volunteers handed over the assistance with Mr. Dayat as the person in charge of the evacuation post in Lolu Village.

“As time went on the village activities began to gradually improve even though it was not as usual. BPJS and Rumah Zakat, hopefully the assistance provided is rewarded by God, “said Mr. Dayat.

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