CIAMIS. BerRZ SALURKAN BANTUAN PEMBANGUNAN PESANTREN DARUL HUDA CIAMISTogether with donator, RZ provide direct assistance for the construction of boarding school in Ciamis, precisely in Jalan Sadananya Karang Sari Village RT 02/10 Maleber sub-district Ciamis District, Ciamis regency, the boarding school is located in the environment where the middle and lower class live.

The presence of Darul Huda Islamic boarding school in that region is really useful for local community, students nuances linger in the cottage. The people around is very enthusiastic to enroll their children to boarding school, they expect their children to become people who are pious that make the superintendent has an objective to build a boarding school. However, the constraint in the constraction that has been 20% progress is lack of funds to continue the construction.

So In helping to realize the construction of Darul Huda Islamic boarding schools, RZ together with donators handed over direct assistance on Thursday (17/03). Assistance is provided by RZ volunteers to Mr. Usep as leader of the Darul Huda Islamic boarding school.

“Alhamdulillah, thank RZ and donators for the assistance given, insyallah these funds will be used to continue construction of the boarding school,” Mr. Usep Said***


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