SISWA MENGHAPAL QURAN DENGAN GAYA MASING-MASINGCILEGON. The view on a sunny Thursday seemed different. 2nd grade students of SD Juara Cilegon were taking tahfidz lessons. Different from before, students usually take tahfiz lessons in the classroom, but at that time they learnt outside the classroom (outdoor). There are students, Fajri Firdaus, Al-Hafidz Khairul Adzam and M. Shobir As-sundais were sitting on the field and memorizing the Koran.

Hikmatulloh as a tahfidz teacher of SD Juara Cilegon provided an opportunity for students to memorize Al-Quran. However, the three students chose to memorize it outdoors. They choose to memorize outside the classroom because they want to breathe a fresh morning air.

Previously they have memorized the verse respectively then continued with connecting verse. After memorizing, they immediately returned to the classroom to recite the results they memorized to tahfidz teachers. Hikmatulloh who is familiarly called Hikmat deliberately provided an opportunity for students to memorize Al-Quran in their own way.

“In tahfidz lessons, I deliberately give the students the opportunity to memorize the Koran in their own way, because every child has different ways of learning, including in memorizing the Qur’an,” Hikmatulloh said.

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