SMP JUARA PEKANBARU LATIH JIWA SOSIAL DI JUARA PEDULI 2016BANDUNG. As a form of concern for others, also means devotion to the poor, 9th grade student of SMP Juara Bandung held the Juara Care 2016 is housed in Sindangsari hamlet Cimerak district Pangandaran subdistrict on Saturday – Sunday (28-29 may 2016).

This activity was followed by about 50 students of 9th grade and some teachers as guidance.
Juara Care activity is divided into several service programs including Quran Waqaf, health checks, motivation Qur’an, Bakti Jompo dan Go Green housed in IHC and mosque in Sindangsari hamlet Cimerak district.

This activity was attended by officials and local authorities, including members of parliament Pangandaran regency, Community Leaders, DKM Board and Kader Posyandu. Mr. Yusup Tajiri as legislators of Pangandaran district welcomed the event and do not forget to say thank you.

Similarly Mr Cucu as community leaders kept praying and thanked all the participants of Juara care. Compassion arises when students visited Bu Kulsum , one of the elderly who receive the aid package. She prayed for anak juara and thanked us for coming.

Supplies mosques such as hygiene kits, carpets, the Qur’an was given to the mosque in Sindangsari hamlet. Likewise with packages given to elderly and free health checks also carried out in sindangsari hamlet.

“We hope this activity can be activities that benefit the community as well as well as train and cultivate a sense of concern of students of SMP Juaraā€¯ said Mr. Jadon Sudarsa as Principal of SMP Juara.

“Thanks to those who have helped this activity, Juara Care 2016 supported by RZ, Cita Sehat Foundation (CSF), Indonesia Juara Foundation (IJF), Ethica and the Yayasan Masjid Nusantara (YMN). ” Said Dzikri, chief executive of Juara Care 2016


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