AMBULANCE LOTTE MART - RZ BANTU MOBILISASI WARGA BREBES KEBUMIKAN JENAZAHBREBES. Mrs. Khapsah (66) has had suffered from chronic ulcer for a long time. She has often sought treatment but there is no improvement. Until finally she died because of chronic ulcer she experienced.

Ulcer disease or also commonly known as gastritis is a health condition in which the patient experience swelling, inflammation or irritation of the stomach lining. This disease usually strikes suddenly and lasts short, but there are times of serious health ailments and lasted long enough.

Many people think that ulcer as a mild disease and it is not a big deal. Treatment of ulcer disease can be done by leaving the poor living habits and start living healthy, do modern medical treatment and alternative or traditional medicine.

Ulcer disease basically divided into 2 parts, namely acute ulcer disease and chronic ulcer disease. Ulcer disease occurs because some health conditions are not good. Which are very frequent and often encountered is an inflammation of the stomach arising from bacteria called Helicobacter pylori. The bacteria also known as bacteria that can trigger stomach ulcers

Ulcer disease caused by bacteria known as chronic Ulcer. Keep in mind, an infection caused by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori can be very dangerous. Treatment of chronic ulcer disease cannot be taken lightly at all because it can increase the risk of gastric cancer.

“The deceased was ushered out of her home at 3 perum 3 Karawaci to be burried in Brebes, Central Java using RZ- Lotte Mart Ambulance.” said Maskur, RZ Project Monitoring and Evaluation.

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