ANAK-ANAK CERIA SAMBUT BEASISWA YANG DISALURKAN RELAWAN INSPIRASI PANGANDARAN. The scholarship program is channeled through RZ to Bojongsari Village district. Padaherang, Pangandaran District, West Java is able to provide its own excitement for the children who is the beneficiaries of this scholarship. Even the parents greatly helped in easing the burden of life which is getting harder, sometimes they have difficulties to by the book for their children.

To save costs, students usually copy textbooks required. But thanks to Ceria scholarship program from RZ parents or students can buy their own school supplies including textbooks.

The students are so cheerful when the schedule distribution arrives. They had even been planned in advance for any of the scholarship money will be spent.
“After receiving scholarship i usually spent it for stationery, later i will save it to buy a bag.” Said Curwan, 5th grade student

Not only that, thanks to regular mentoring of the scholarship, the students are able to improve their performance in school they are motivated to improve their achievement. Because in every mentoring, the mentors carry out evaluation in order to assess and improve student achievement.

“In the past no one asks the grade tahajud, Duha, and praying. But Alhamdulillah now we are motivated to implement it, including learning hardly because they are afraid to be asked in coaching meeting next week. “Said Ruswanto which is now third grade of high school. He claimed before join with RZ mentoring, he only performed Maghrib prayers.



Newsroom/Iwan Iswanto

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