APRESIASI JASA VETERAN, RZ GELAR BAKTI SOSIALBANDUNG. A few days back we are preoccupied with the sparkling splendor of Indonesian 71st Independence day, we must know that behind independence of the country there is a stream of blood, sweat, and sacrifice given by patriots in the past. They are the veterans, the warrior of nation.

In shades of 71th Independence Day, services of the veterans did not escape the attention from RZ. RZ show concern and appreciation for the fighters of the nation (read: Veteran) by holding a social event.

Precisely on Wednesday (08/31), RZ together with LVRI (Legion Veterans of the Republic of Indonesia) to implement Charity event at Jl. Jawa No. 56, Bandung, in this Social Activity, RZ give 300 SuperQurban corned, 150 food packages and 150 of Quran to 150 veterans.

In addition, RZ also held a Health Action Alert for veterans. The warrior looked happy and enthusiastic to join the series of event in this social service.

“Social activities are part of our concern to the Indonesian freedom warrior. Thank you Mr / Ms on the struggle for the country, Today and beyond, we, the next generation of this nation will continue to be grateful. “Reveal Heny Widiastuti, RZ’s Chief Program Officer.

Newsroom/Ria Arianti

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