asyiknya-panen-perdana-sawi-kampung-lestari-pt-samudera-indonesiaSANGGAU. On Friday (11/04) Kampung Lestari which is a result of cooperation between PT. Samudera Indonesia Ltd. and RZ located in Sanggau regency, West Kalimantan perform a variety of interesting activities such as the first harvest of cabbage and Clean Friday in Tayan, West Kalimantan, precisely on Jl. Swasembada RT 02 RW 01 Pedalaman Hamlet, Outback Village, Tayan Hilir Subdistrict, Sanggau District, West Kalimantan Province.

Together the women community of Kampung Lestari and partner from PT. Samudera Indonesia Ltd (SI) they harvested 25 days old local mustard as much as 7.5 kg, cabbage plants have been planted since October 2016 last month. The activity was attended by Agus, Secretary of Pedalaman Hamlet and also Mr. Yudha Timor, representative of PT. Samudera Indonesia Ltd.

Besides harvesting cabbage, the women community of Kampung Lestari also carried out Healthy gymnastics that in the future will be regularly held every Friday along with clean Friday activity. “So later the women who participate in Kampung Lestari Community can carry out joint exercise and Clean Friday activity, besides getting a healthy body, women can also jointly clean up the environment. “Said Ramdhani Syahri Fitr, the PIC program.

The enthusiasm of women community of Kampung Lestari on this activity wa high activity, they also feel happy to harvest because the cabbage earn can be directly consumed. With this program is expected to provide an understanding of the importance of nutrition and fiber to the body through the vegetables.

Newsroom/Putri Mariana Sari

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