PEKANBARU. It is Midwive Putri Utami, a senior midwife who has served in RBG Clinic Rumah Zakat Pekanbaru branch since 2012.

The experience she has had for five years serving as a midwife is certainly very diverse. In fact she had time to tell an unforgettable experience when she managed to handle the process of childbirth in the Free Ambulance car of Rumah Zakat.

“At that time the patient and I were heading for the hospital to be referred. However, a few meters from the hospital gate, the patient had another opening and she insisted on delivering the baby at the time. Finally the ambulance pulled over and of course with medical procedures, I helped her labor and Alhamdulillah the baby is healthy and the mother survived, “said Bidan Putri.

In addition to the experience of assisting the delivery in the ambulance car, there is another experience that he thought would not be forgotten. She handle labor with placenta is still in good condition after the baby is born.

“When I help the delivery process of a mother, and it turns out when the baby is born, the condition of the placenta remains intact and good because in general the placenta would had been broken before or when the baby was born. This incident made me amazed and never ceased to say Allahu Akbar, “she said.

From year to year, RBG Clinic Pekanbaru which is also managed by Cita Sehat always support and improve the knowledge capacity of its employees, including Bidan Putri. In 2017, Midwife Putri has completed Midwifery Update (MU) certification as a requirement of midwife certification.

The sincerity of her dedication, bringing her as the best midwife award in 2014, handles the most number of births from 21 midwives in Rumah Zakat clinic throughout Indonesia. In addition to being a midwife, at RBG Clinic Pekanbaru, Bidan Putri also served as a speaker in Maternal Education Class held on Friday at 1st and 3rd week every month.

“I am grateful, Alhamdulillah can join Rumah Zakat clinic for 5 years. Here I can really handle patients according to the knowledge I have. In addition I can also share knowledge in Maternal Education Class. Here I learn and share a lot, a happiness that cannot be measured by anything, ” she concluded.

Newsroom / Nurul Rahayu


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