JAKARTA. (7/28) Teaching and learning activities at SD Juara Jakarta Utara, school assisted by Rumah Zakat today involves student activeness. Teachers prepare media and students interactively use the media well.


“The use of media in learning aims to engage students actively, focus, and can practice directly from the media, for example in learning PAI so that students know sleep ethic from the screen, infokus used as a medium, from the media students become focus view writing, and interested to read from the beautiful slides ” the 1st grade teacher reveals, Iin Nurfaindah


No different from 1st grade teacher, 3rd grade teacher, Yanti, using mung beans, cotton, plastic cups, and water as a medium to know the bean sprout breeding in science lesson. Students immediately practice it well according to the teacher’s direction.


Picture of traditional clothes with the theme of ethnic diversity, is the learning media from Abu Hanifah, as a teacher of 4th grade. In addition, 4th graders are asked to go out from school, to interview the nearest residents about their tribal origin. “I am happy to learn, there is a picture, and also asked to the citizens, so know about the diversity of ethnic groups,” said fourth grade student, Miranda.

Learning media is an attraction for students, because it can make students competing to create an interesting thing, and can make students interactive in learning activities.

Lailatul Istikhomah


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