di-2016-monik-tbg-dan-rz-layani-7003-penerima-manfaatSOLO. During 2016 Monik (Mobile Clinic) TBG has been providing health care in several districts in Central Java, among others Brebes, Tegal, Pekalongan, Kendal, Semarang, Pati, Demak, Blora, Jepara, Grobogan, Banyumas, Batang, Pemalang, Wonogiri, Sukoharjo , Boyolali, Sragen and Klaten. Health services consist of blood tension check, the general inspection services by general practitioners, Metabolic check (uric acid check, blood sugar checks, cholesterol checks), drug delivery, and ultrasound for pregnant women, and the provision of supplementary food packages for  infants and health education.

The number of beneficiaries in 2016 starting in March 2016 until the end of 2016 as many as 7,003 beneficiaries, as for the beneficiaries by type of service benefits provided as many as 10 157 beneficiaries.

The usefulness of social action of Rumah Zakat and its partner PT. Tower Bersama Group is perceived by the people in need. This is similar to what was presented by the village head Gedongsari, “thank you profusely to RZ and Tower Bersama Group who have cared and help our citizens, and our great hope this activity can be carried back on another occasion,” he said, on Tuesday (03/01).

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