LAMPUNG. Thursday (05/04) Volunteer Rumah Zakat Lampung distributed the aid for the victims of flash flood in Way urang Subdistrict and Canggu Subdistrict Kalianda District, Lampung. Flash flood is caused by high rainfall so that the Way Urang River overflows and resulted in a momentary flash flood in the vicinity of the river way urang. This flash flood caused 409 houses flooded by mud and 6 houses washed away.

“Although the flood occurred only for a moment but hundreds of houses were affected, mud and garbage littered the settlements, even 6 houses in 2 districts washed away,” said Dede Nuryana, Volunteer Rumah Zakat.

In the relief distribution action 6 Volunteers participated in the distribution of donations handed over symbolically to the Post established by the local BPBD.

“Thank God today we can provide sardines, corned beef, rice, oil, sugar, tea boxes, coffee, hygiene kits, and bread,” Dede added.

Now the condition of the settlements has begun to be conducive, the houses that are filled with mud and garbage scattered mostly been cleared by local BPBD and the community work together to clean up the flood affected areas.

Izzatul Yazid / Lailatul Istikhomah

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