SOLO. Rumah Zakat consistently performed various empowerment which one of them is SME Empowerment. In addition to providing support in business capital assistance, business facilities, GMP, product strengthening and marketing – Rumah Zakat also actively provide a variety of entrepreneurial education.

As well as entrepreneurial education that held by Rumah Zakat Solo branch every month in order to improve the level of business of the members. The entrepreneurship education activity was held on Friday (21/07) on the 2nd floor of Es Poconk Mojosongo, Solo.

The education on this occasion delivered by Teguh Setyahadi from PLUT (Center for Integrated Business Services) of UMKM Surakarta that handles SMEs Banjarsari district who took the theme of the importance of business legality.

“Facilitation of business through Rumah Zakat is one of the ideal model of business assistance, because it not only strengthens the SME in terms of capital, human resources, production and business management, but the most important and the most fundamental output is making member to realize Islam. That is the strongest aspect needed to be a good entrepreneur. Hopefully Rumah Zakat will always boost the economy as well as create mooslem entrepreneurs.” Said Tegus Setyahadi at the end of the event.

The event that was followed by 23 participants went smoothly and closed by enjoying delicious food of the Ice Poconk shop.


Newsroom / Afif Zam’i

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