BANTUAN KESEHATAN RINGANKAN DUKA RENA MULYATIBANDUNG. Friday, (3/1). Rumah Zakat with Cita Sehat visited the residence of Rena Mulyati. In  Kutulaksana Pabuara, Mandalawangi Village, District of Cipatat.

Rena Mulyati, 32-year-old is suffer from scabies. The disease caused by tick bite. There are injuries and infections due to itching on various parts of her body. In addition, Rena is also suffering from gastric disorders due to the allergy.

Over the years, Rena never get proper medical treatment, either from clinics or hospitals. In addition to its economic problems, her identity card and family card were detained by her husband, who had left since 4 years ago.

After knowing the problems, Rumah Zakat with Cita Sehat  processed Rena to get the medical assistance immediately.  Assistance provided including cost for medical treatment in the hospital and the cost for treatment in home.

“I am very grateful to Rumah Zakat, now we can bring Rena to the hospital for treatment, doctors, and  Hes wounds has improved. Thank you, ” Said Eti, Rena Mulyati’s Mother.

According to doctors, Rena got insect bites. This was caused by lifestyle and living in unhealthy environment.

“Sometimes the reasons  families don’t bring the patient to the hospital is the economic problems. They just have limited money to feed their family. However, with this health assistance program, the patient such Rena can be assisted,” Said Indah, Public Health Cita Sehat.

Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu


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