MALANG. Monday (02/10) Institute for Education, Da’wah and social (LPDS) Fastabiqul Khairat Malang (FKM) represented by dr. Gamal Albinsaid, M. BioMed as Director of LPDS FKM and M. Mukhlis Saktiyawan as Project Officer of FKM has submitted Rohingya donation from the Muhsinin to Rumah Zakat represented by Agung.

The donation collected 15,125,361 is a donation from Muhsinin (donator) donated to Fastabiqul Khairat Malang through the Rohingya Care Fund raising program.

“Alhamdulillahirabbil Alamiin, God willing the fund will be very useful for our brother in Rohingya, may the Muhsinin who has set aside his fortune for our brother in Rohingya get the best reply from Allah SWT and the deed will be a winner of goodness in the hereafter” Said M. Mukhlis Saktiyawan.

All donations collected to Rumah Zakat will be distributed directly to the Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh, Rumah Zakat is also conducting a 6 month program for the refugees.

“We will still continue to distribute food aid for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, considering the food is the urgent need of current refugees, Insya Allah the 6 months program for Rohingya will be carried out in the form of food aid, shelter, water hand pump, and medical assistance” said Nurmansyah, Rumah Zakat’s Humanitarian Team.

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