FUN LEARNING MOBIL PERPUSTAKAAN KELILING ADIRA INSURANCE - RZ DI TBM RAFA Saturday (07/16) Adira Insurance – RZ Mobile library car visited TBM Rafa in eastern Bebulak RT 02/06 No. 20 Kebon Dalem. This visit was greeted royally by Rafa TBM children who had been waiting the arrival of the mobile library. Not only the children but also mothers also came over. This event was attended by 65 children.

“Thanks to mobile library team who already want to come and share the knowledge with the children,” she said Ida Fitriyah as founder of TBM Rafa.

Some of the activities take place on the yard of resident and in the alley way. There is a coloring contest, lego race and some children join training on making email, read books and most of the mothers read books.

Children are increasingly brightly as presented educational films and fairy tales from the team. “I am Dafa, I am happy to learn internet. Thankyou I can also get a reward because i could mention that there mozilla firefox, google crome, Opera, Internet Explorer, “he said happily.


Newsroom/Iroh Basiroh

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