SOLO. Rise down in running the business has become commonplace. It needs faith and hard work in running it. Likewise, with Giyoto, the father of two children is a diligent and tenacious entrepreneur.

Giyoto is one of the members of Rumah Zakat Solo who get business assistance in the form of capital, business facilities in the form of motor vehicles and business assistance. Giyoto, has an ice cream business that is located at Letjend Sutoyo street no. 91 Mojosongo, Solo. Although currently his business is still small and selling on the sidewalks, Giyoto is optimistic that someday, his hard work will gain the success.

“The important thing now I try to do my best for my efforts first. Insha Allah I will work hard to advance my current business, because I also have an aspiration to send my children as high as possible, let be a successful child, “said Giyoto.

Giyoto rujak ice cream business has reached an average turnover of Rp850,000 per day. He is determined to continue to increase his income for the sake of sending his children to college level.

Giyoto has been a Rumah Zakat empowered member since four years ago. According to Giyoto, the business assistance from Rumah Zakat very help in the effort to promote business.

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