ibu-ammah-raos-pisan-jembatan-tehCIAMIS. Since June 2016, Ciseel Bridge in Ciparay, Cidolog district, Ciamis increasingly crowded, moreover, the community there to work together in building the bridge.

The bridge is built on cooperation between Rumah Wakaf Indonesia (RWI) and RZ was built for almost a semester. The bridge was given a golden yellow color as a symbol of joy, besides that the footing steel plates and the nets are set neatly complete the robustness of the Ciseel Bridge. It is making people become calmer while moving across the bridge. In fact, this new bridge also adds entertainment destination for kids around.
On Wednesday (10/21) Rumah Wakaf Team Indonesia tried to visit Ciseel area to review the course of the construction of the new bridge. Ciseel Bridge now seemed so much better, well maintained and, Insya Allah, safe for traveling of the communities.

At the same time children were playing on the bridge happily. The elderly also passed by this bridge one of them is Mrs. ammah, 76-year-old woman who had encountered Indonesian Waqf House team will go to the field when she expressed excitement with the presence of new, safer bridge and nice. ” Nice bridge” Revealed Mrs. ammah smiled happilly.

“Bridges program of Rumah Waqf aims to build a real economic activity, social, health, and public education run more massive and secure. So there is a balance between the activities of the community with supporting facilities such as bridges. All this is a shared responsibility, especially people who have build the bridge to take care of it “said Soleh Hidayat, director of the Waqf Indonesia.

Newsroom/Soleh Hidayat

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