CILEGON. On Thursday (22/03) SD Juara Cilegon again won the championship in the competition. At this time the school under supervision of Rumah Zakat managed to bring home a trophy as the 2nd Winner in the race of Trivia of  Arts Week of Islamic Education (PAI Stage) for Elementary School Level.

Activities are routinely held once a year organized by the Teachers Working Group on Religious Education (KKGPAI) Cibeber Subdistrict in SDN Kedaleman IV which located on Jl. Main PCI block D Cibeber sub-district Cibeber district, Cilegon.

SD Juara Cilegon teacher, Ahmad Hikmatulloh who accompany student admitted he has not been maximally in the preparation  students to attend the PAI Stage.

“To face the race at the PAI Stage this time, children not maximal in practice, of course this becomes evaluation and it is our duty to prepare the maximum in next year.”

“Although there are new elementary classes, one, two, three and four classes, our students went on four races: the Tahfidz race, Calligraphy, Adhan, and Trivia. Alhamdulillah on the Trivia Contest we got Champion, “he added.

While the principal SD Juara Cilegon, Susanto admitted proud of his team (the board of teachers) that has been extraordinary sincerely educate the students.

“Alhamdulillah wa Shukru lillah … I give high appreciation and thanks to my team for the extra ordinary work, for sincerity in educating children at SD Juara. Although there are many school activities in this second semester, Alhamdulillah children can reach the champion at this year, “Frankly, I’m proud of the children, even though they’re from underprivileged families, but their spirit and believe is never gone, “he said spiritedly.

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