BANDUNG. Wednesday (19/07) Measles Rubella immunization (MR) is an immunization conducted to decide transmission of measles and rubella virus transmission in children aged 9 months to 15 years. The plan, immunization activities will begin simultaneously in Indonesia from August to September.

RBG Clinic Rumah Zakat as one of the health service facilities participated in the socialization related to the immunization. One midwife who served in RBG Clinic Rumah Zakat Bandung branch, Uswah provide an explanation of the immunization of MR to patients and families who are in the waiting room of the clinic.

Public Health Cita Sehat, as the partner of Rumah Zakat in the health sector, Indah said that this counseling is a routine activity every month. Where residents who come to the Clinic is not just waiting for the queue of examination but also get knowledge.

“The targets of this counseling activity are pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and infant or toddler mothers who today received the inspection of RBG midwives. The theme discussed Rubella immunization which is being intensively socialized also by the government, “said Indah.

Recorded 30 people following the extension activities. After giving the materials, the activity continued with the question and answer session. Questions about Rubella Immunization were raised by the participants. Like how the symptoms of rubella disease, and where we can get immunization MR.

“It’s great to have a new science on Measles Rubella Immunization, I just found out about it. InshaaAllah I will do the immunization to my child. Thank you for making the waiting time becomes more benefit by learning new knowledge, “said Tuti (33), visitors from Rancagoong Clinic Bandung.

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