YOGYAKARTA. Revalina is one of the children in Dusun Srandakan Rt 04, Trimurti, Srandakan, Bantul, Yogyakarta, she lives with her father, mother, grandmother and a flawed aunt in a modest house. The daily needs of Revalina’s family are fully covered by his father who works as a neighboring factory worker, due to insufficient incomes, during holidays and at night Revalina’s father opens a haircut service at home, therefore to give the happiness to Revalina, Rumah Zakat giving her Eid Gift.

“She was very happy yesterday when he received an invitation to get the gift from Rumah Zakat” said grandmother Revalina to Rumah Zakat’s team.

This Orphan’s Eid gift becomes very meaningful for Revalina because this year Revalina will wear new school bag and new school kit in the new class.

“Mom …! !!! I got a bag mom …!” Shouted revalina while running when entering her house when Rumah Zakat’s Team visited Revalina’s house.

“Thank you yes mas, have given my child Eid gift, may Rumah Zakat and people who have given this can be rewarded from Allah, Alhamdulillahini can bag, she asked for a new bag yesterday, Alhamdulillah today she get it from Rumah Zakat” said Revalina’s mother to the team.

Eid Lebaran Gift is one of the Ramadan programs that were launched by Rumah Zakat to give happiness to orphans and poor children in all corners of Indonesia.



Esti / Lailatul Istikhomah

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