JAKARTA. Friday (10/19), Jamkrindo employees handed over humanitarian donations to victims of the Palu Earthquake and Tsunami disaster in Donggala, Sigi in Central Sulawesi. The handover ceremony was held at the Jamkrindo Syariah Building, on the 7th floor of Jakarta by Achmad Sonhaji, Jamkrindo Operations Director and accepted directly by Irvan Nugraha, Chief Marketing of Rumah Zakat.

After raising funds donations were collected from employees who set aside their sustenance for disaster victims.

“Alhamdulillah, this is a donation from the Board of Directors and all employees of Jamkrindo Syariah. Hopefully this can all help to alleviate our brothers and sisters who are currently affected by the disaster.” Said Achmad Sonhaji during the donation handover.

The Chief Marketing of Rumah zakat also welcomed the synergy with Jamkrindo Syariah, according to Irvan later this donation will be used for renovation of the Mosque in Palu.

“Alhamdulilah on this occasion we synergized with Jamkrindo Syariah to help earthquake and tsunami victims in Palu, Insya Allah, we will distribute this Jamkrindo Syariah assistance in the mosque renovation program in Palu, all of these will be Amal Jariyah for the whole Jamkrindo Sariah employees, the reward will continue to flow if this mosque is used for worship, “said Irvan Nugraha

“I would like to thank Rumah Zakat for facilitating us to help our brothers and sisters in Palu, hopefully with this disaster, there are many lessons we can learn, one of them is getting closer to Allah SWT, hopefully the assistance we leave to Rumah Zakat could assist the Palu Earthquake and Tsunami Victims, Donggala, Sigi, Central Sulawesi, “said one employee of Jamkrindo Syariah.


Lailatul Istikhomah

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