BALIKPAPAN. Saturday (06/01) at 00:15 pm there has been a fire in the area of RT 11.12, 13, 22, 23 in Kubasan Ulu district, Balkot districts, Balikpapan City. The cause of the fire came from the residence of Mr. Mun family of RT 13 residents due to electric short circuit. The new fire was successfully extinguished at 03:55 pm.

Fire losses are estimated at approximately 203 houses and one elementary school building burned out.

Today, Volunteers Rumah Zakat distributes aid for fire victims in Klandasan Ulu. “The forms of aid distributed by Rumah Zakat for the people affected by the fire disaster include 30 dus mineral water, 13 milk dairy UHT, 3 boxes of biscuits, 2 corned beetroot Superqurban, 2 snack children, and hygiene kit,” said Ahmad coordinator Volunteer Rumah Zakat Balikpapan.

“In addition to the distribution of aid we also provide entertainment to children at the refugee camp by presenting entertainment figures for the children of Bat Man. The children seemed so enthusiastic. Hope this can help alleviate the needs of the citizens and also children in the Post Displacement can be entertained,” he added.

“Alhamdulillah, thank you very much for your help Mr / Mrs. donors and friends Rumah Zakat Hopefully we all always given the health and blessings of sustenance for the father / mother,” said Pak Udin head of LPM aid post.


Newsroom / Dea Sukmara


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