kpp-tangerang-barat-salurkan-beasiswa-juaraTANGERANG. In Sunday (11/13) morning, even in rainy day children spiritedly gathered at At Taqwa Mosque of West Tangerang Primary Tax Office to follow mentoring at the same time distribution of educational assistance to 23 foster children who also attended by the parents.

The event starts at 9:20 pm open by Ka Dinda, followed remarks by Mr Mahfuz from the education department of RZ Tangerang. He expressed, “This educational assistance comes from zakat fund of West Tangerang Primary Tax ofice‚Äôs employee. This is a Mandate that zakat should be given to the right target. It is expected that the beneficiaries can work together with RZ in realizing our goals to grow into a better direction, both in terms of morals, or academic “he said.

After the speeches the event continued with the development by a group of children and parents. The theme of mentoring for children is to imitate the Acts of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad who cling to aqidah, while mentoring for parents is about Islam is Beautiful.

After the mentoring, the activity ends with the distribution of assistance for 7 elementary student, 7 junior high students and 9 senior high students. Happiness drawn on their faces, besides getting educational assistance, they also gain valuable knowledge.

“Thanks RZ, thanks donators,” said Shifa one of the children who receive scholarships. Similarly, Mr. Jilani, the parent of beneficiary expressed his gratitude, ” Alhamdulillah today I got outstanding enlightenment, the material is realy suitable for parents, thanks West Tangerang Primary Tax ofice and RZ, hopefully this activity can be routinely performed “he said.

Newsroom/Empud Mahfud

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